Wakeboard Boats




Check through our new website, we have relaunched it to coincide with our new product range of easy fit towers.


We will as last year be at Wakestock to enjoy the wakeboarding and support Mastercraft


August 2014

Welcome to Wakeboard Boats. We started by converting standard speed boats in to awesome Wakeboard machines. We now do a lot of work with pro ski and wakeboard boats making them even better!

Take a look through our pages and you will find all your boat needs. We make a lot of our parts to order and we also have very good relationships with all the major manufacturers so give us a try.

We offer a full fabrication service. From one off parts to 100’s, if its for a boat and its made from stainless steel we will make it for you.

Wakeboard Boats are run by wakeboarders for wakeboarders, we really understand your needs and all of our products are from experience. We also pride ourselves on being a lot more affordable than all the big brands because our ultimate aim is to support the sport of wakeboarding and to encourage it by making it more affordable.

Our very new demo boat is kept near Reading. Drop us a line if you would like to come and see or hear any of our products or come down and have a ski with us.


August 2014

Our Mastercraft is now up for sale for the new year. If you are intrested in our boat for sale then click here.

Oh... and our site is still under construction....